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Videos are powerful. It can take me 20 minutes to get a message across that a great video can accomplish in 3 minutes. Videos can move a student to tears or give them the biggest laugh of their day. Like many youth pastors, I try to utilize videos in my youth group in different ways. However, after spending hours doing ministry and preparing for youth group each week, I don’t want to spend hours looking on YouTube, Vimeo, or whatever video site to find that perfect video. It is even more frustrating to find the perfect video, only to realize it is not appropriate to share in your ministry.

That is why Videos for Student Ministry exists. Treat this site as your one-stop shop to find videos for your ministry. They are all YouTube or Vimeo videos, so it is all free – categorized – tagged in order for you to easily get that video you need. We will continually be updating our site to give you the most recent videos. Bookmark this page so you can have it handy or follow Videos For Student Ministry on Facebook so you can see when we add a new video. Not into social media? Sign up for our newsletter!

If you know of a great video that we don’t have in our archives please let me know! Submit your video to us and if we like it, we will post it and give you credit!

I hope you find the videos you need to create an environment that is welcoming to students and engage them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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